TLE: Using a Chisel On Multiple Plies Of Leather

We’ve had quite a few questions on how to punch through multiple layers of heavier leather with a stitching chisel and, if you punch the pieces separately, how do you make sure the holes line up. In this video, Chuck shows how to do this using a holster as an example. The leather is an 8/9 oz. and there are three layers, with both sides of the holster and the welt. We hope this is good information for you and helps answer some of those questions!

The Leather Element: Choosing the Right Cut of Leather

Choosing the right cut of leather can seem overwhelming. In this video, we hope to clear up some of the confusion and answer some questions we’ve gotten recently. Chuck explains how a leather hide gets cut into smaller sections like sides, backs, bends, shoulders, and bellies and why you may choose one over the other depending on your project.
For more information on leather cuts, click here.