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  1. I just watched you burnish a knife sheath using the power burnisher and that looks great. Plan on getting on myself soon. However, my question is about Gum Trag. I have been meaning to ask this question and was reminded when you talked about using Gum Trag to burnish. I have had times where I must have gotten a little gum tag over the edge when I was burnishing then later when I applied the dye it didn’t absorb where the gum drag was. I try to be as careful as possible when applying the gum tag, but sometimes it just happens. Have you experienced this and is there a solution? I used to apply the gum tag using a spatula, no I use my finger and that seems to work much better. I know this is a simple question, but the results can sometimes be frustrating.

    1. Hi Doug,
      You’re exactly right. This can be frustrating with Gum Trag, Edge Paint…, so, I may suggest slicking with water first. When the project is ready, add your dye and top coat and then Gum Trag and slick. A good top coat will resist the Gum Trag and you should have a very clean line. See if this helps?

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