The Leather Element: Trunk Style Leather Handles

In this week’s The Leather Element video, we’ll be showing you how to make a trunk style leather handle. This is also known as a purse or bag handle and it adds a very professional look to your bag of choice! The leather is shaped and hand sewn around a piece of cord.

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  1. I really enjoy watching the leather element with Chuck. He is informative and I like how he is always excited about his explanation about his projects. I have been working with leather for many years but I always learn something new when I watch leather element . I have made handles before and agree that the use of a piece of nylon cord inside the handle works the best. Now for the new idea . Chuck showed different ideas for the handle ends. I will adopt one of his ideas in my next handle.

  2. Chuck, I would like to make a couple of handles for the tote I’m making for my wife. But I don’t want the edges to outbound when stitching.
    How would you stitch this so the you have a completely round handle with the edge of the leather not showing?
    There must be a way to do this as I’ve seen handles like this in the store. I think that exposed edges in this case is a minus and would like to learn how to hide the edges when stitching.
    Can you do a video on that?
    Or if you have, Point it out to me…Kindly, Please?
    Thank You Kindly

    1. Hi Daryl,
      Are you wanting to put the handle on the side of a bag instead of the top? If so, yes, you would just need to curve the handle when you go to attach it.

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