The Leather Element | Making Patterns From Scratch

In today’s video, Chuck shows how to make a pattern from scratch. Making patterns isn’t a quick process and it isn’t always easy, but if you take your time and make adjustments as you go, you’ll have a beautiful pattern in the end! Whether it’s a design you’ve had in the back of your mind for a while or something that was inspired by the shapes of a fellow crafter, let’s get those ideas on some pattern paper!
Pattern Sheet
Scratch Awl
Steel Square

The Leather Element | All About Chicago Screws

Today’s video covers everything about Chicago screws! These posts and screws are great options for a variety of projects from belts and rifle slings to bags and purses. Chuck’s tip, add a little bit of glue to the post before attaching it to your project so that the screws don’t eventually work themselves loose.
Check out all of our options for Chicago screws here.

The Leather Element: All About Belts Part 3

In part 3 of Chuck’s all about belts series, we talk about decoration options for your belts! From leather inlays to conchos and spots, to tooling and stamping. And, the possibilities are endless with dyes, paints and antiques. Chuck also shows how to attach a buckle, loop and tip set to the belt he has been building throughout the series. We hope you’ve enjoyed this belt series. Let us know in the comments if there are any additional series you’d like to see!

Belt Blanks
Belt Buckles

The Leather Element: All About Belts Part 2

All about belts, part 2! In this week’s video, Chuck continues his belt tips and tricks series. We go over adding a liner to a belt, as well as leather weights recommended for the lining. Chuck also shows how to add a taper to the ends of the belt strap and shows his recommended approach to hand stitching a belt.
Join us next week for part three of our all about belts series.