Handmade Leather Axe Handles: Part 1 Utility Use

In this video, Chuck demonstrates how to create handmade leather axe handles for a better grip when working with your tool. These suede handles can be customized and added to practically anything—hammers, walking sticks, or anything that could use a little more comfort and grip! Chuck shows us how to easily measure and cut the correct length of suede for whatever item you’re working with. Another tip is to use an eye-catching color to keep your axe from blending in against the trees!

12″ x 8″ Steel Square with Non-Slip Tape

Pattern Sheet, 24″ x 45″ 

Cowhide Suede Leather 

Wing Divider, 8″ 

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Leather Stamping Tools, Segment 5, Border Stamps Pt. 2

We are continuing to learn about border stamps. A great looking leather border will improve the looks of your leather project. Chuck Dorsett shows us how to reverse, offset, and stack stamps for unlimited creative possibilities with your patterns. With all of these ideas you will broaden your border stamping skills.

Wire Twist Stamping Tool D2181

Barbed Wire Stamping Tool D2180

Serpentine Leaf Border Stamping Tool D2198

Geometric Box Stamping Tool G2294

Hourglass Border Stamping Tool D2170

Wishbone Border Stamping Tool D2166

Greek Border Stamping Tool D2174

X Border Stamping Tool D2175

Leather Stamping Tools, Segment 3, Basket Weave Stamps

Want to learn how to use leather basketweave stamping tools? Chuck Dorsett teaches us just that. He will show us some patterns we can make with the basketweave stamping tools. He will also show us how to make borders.

Leather Stamping Tools, Segment 2, Woven Stamps

This series on leather stamping tools teaches us about woven stamps. Chuck Dorsett give us tips and tricks on how to use woven stamping tools. Chuck also shows us how to make some cool borders with woven leather stamping tools.

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