The Leather Element: Making a Fall Pumpkin Mouse Pad

In this week’s The Leather Element video, Chuck makes a fun pumpkin mouse pad. The face of the mousepad is carved, tooled and painted and then a suede backer is added to keep the mousepad in place. The carved pumpkin can also be used as fall decor. The dye ratio for the orange color is 4 yellow to 1 red Fiebing’s Pro Dye
Chuck uses a swivel knife and a beveler to carve and tool the pumpkin and the leaves.
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Tracing Film
Angelus Paint
Fiebing’s Pro Dye

The Leather Element: Using Cement Thinner

In this week’s episode of “The Leather Element”, Chuck answers a question from Buddy regarding contact cement. If you’re having trouble with your contact cement thickening as it gets older, watch the video to hear Chuck talk about Cement thinner. It will bring your cement back to brand new!