Handmade Leather Axe Handles: Part 1 Utility Use

In this video, Chuck demonstrates how to create handmade leather axe handles for a better grip when working with your tool. These suede handles can be customized and added to practically anything—hammers, walking sticks, or anything that could use a little more comfort and grip! Chuck shows us how to easily measure and cut the correct length of suede for whatever item you’re working with. Another tip is to use an eye-catching color to keep your axe from blending in against the trees!

12″ x 8″ Steel Square with Non-Slip Tape

Pattern Sheet, 24″ x 45″ 

Cowhide Suede Leather 

Wing Divider, 8″ 

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The Leather Element | Making Patterns From Scratch

In today’s video, Chuck shows how to make a pattern from scratch. Making patterns isn’t a quick process and it isn’t always easy, but if you take your time and make adjustments as you go, you’ll have a beautiful pattern in the end! Whether it’s a design you’ve had in the back of your mind for a while or something that was inspired by the shapes of a fellow crafter, let’s get those ideas on some pattern paper!
Pattern Sheet
Scratch Awl
Steel Square

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