The Leather Element: Adding a Liner to Your Leather Project

Adding a liner to your leather projects opens a world of possibilities! A liner can be used to add a pop of color to your product or maybe you just need to double up on your leather to reach the desired thickness needed for your project. Either way, lining leather is a simple process and as Chuck says ” the sky is the limit”! In this video, Chuck lines a pouch with some of our new pigskin lining leather.

The Leather Element: Thread, Needles & Chisels

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about what thread to use with what needle and which size chisels to use on what project, so in this video, Chuck is covering all of those questions! We’ve just added some new sizes of Ritza Tiger Thread to our line and Chuck shows the best size needles to use with the different sizes of thread and also shows how each one looks once stitched. We hope this answers your questions and gives you some insight into what will work best for your project!

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