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  1. I enjoy seeing your videos. I’m a new viewer. Here are some questions that I have while working with leather art: what is the best leather glue that doesn’t bleed through thin leather, adheres to wood, how to treat wrinkles, type of liquid to clean leather. These are areas that I’m not sure how to do. Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi JoAnn,
      We’ve got a video on glue coming out this week so hopefully, that will help! The Barge Cement will be the best glue to use on leather and wood and it shouldn’t bleed through the leather.
      As far as cleaning leather, as long as the product says it is a leather cleaner you should be fine. The only leather you have to be careful with is suede and nubuck – we wouldn’t recommend a liquid cleaner for those. We’ll link a few below for you.
      Glycerine Cleaner
      Bickmore Leather Cleaner
      Nubuck Cleaner
      Suede Cleaner

    1. Hi Kevin,
      If you are referring to the one in the video, it can be purchased on our site or you can contact our UK distributor Logis de Cordes, they are located in Germany and France.
      We’ll link it here
      We also have handheld bevelers available, we’ll link them for you as well. Master Tools Edge Beveler

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