Making a Belt Pouch | Chapter 1, Creating the Pattern

Join us as we learn to make a belt pouch leather pattern. Chuck Dorsett takes us through the all the steps. We will learn all of the steps to make a leather pouch. We will also learn about tools and materials that we can use in our shop to aid in our leatherworking. Enjoy this first chapter. Join us for the second chapter on how to make a tooling pattern for the pouch’s flap.

Pattern Sheet, 24″ x 45″

12″ x 8″ Steel Square with Non-Slip Tape

#4 Heavy-Duty Scratch Awl 3-1/2″

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One Reply to “Making a Belt Pouch | Chapter 1, Creating the Pattern”

  1. I’m looking at the specs. and 24”x 48” seems really big for a belt pouch. Is that just the tracing sheet size? If so no big deal as I have two rolls of tracing plastic that I got from the place that rhymes with candy.
    I buy from them when it’s something I need and will work well, most of there stuff is beginners and chrome tanned leather and there veg tanned isn’t very good. Chuck does a great job, if I’m dragging my feet getting anything done, a cup of coffee and a Chuck Dorset video will wake me up and get me excited.

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