Making a Simple Leather Dog Collar and Lead

For a list of tools and materials used in this video click here.

In today’s video, Chuck shows how to make a simple leather dog collar and lead using 7/8 oz. leather. You can use these same basic steps to create a more intricate set or add personalization with stamping and tooling. You can even add some spots or spikes for an edgier look. If you’re wanting to make a more heavy-duty collar for a larger dog, you can use a heavier weight leather or add a liner. We would also recommend using Chicago screws or tubular rivets for larger collars as this will give the collar added strength.

Pattern illustration

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  1. I’m involved in Search and rescue. I have a tracking hound and we hunt for missing people. What weight leather should I use to make her a harness?

    1. Hi Jessica,
      We recommend downloading and saving the file. Open up the downloaded file and you’ll want to print it as “Actual size”.

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