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  1. I see western style holsters hanging on the back wall in some of your videos. Do you have a video on making a shoulder holster?

  2. Chuck,
    I really appreciate your videos.
    You are a true artist and craftsman.
    The passion you have has inspired me to pick up the craft again.
    Thank you.

  3. I was once asked to make a leather pouch for an antique watch. The individual wanted the leather to look old to match the age of the watch. Is there a way to make leather look old without damaging the grain side of the leather?

    1. Hi Edward,
      The best way to get a worn-in look is just with everyday use. You can somewhat work the leather with your hands but I would avoid scratching or removing any top grain,. You could also look at using a pull-up leather – this would naturally have a distressed look to it. Hope that helps!

  4. I am new to Leathercraft and I need to see a process on dying, painting, and antique a project. In what order do I do this?

    1. Hi Wayne,
      It depends a little bit on the look you are going for. If it’s a tooled piece then you would paint the areas you want to paint and then dye the areas you want to be dyed, add a resist and then antique and finish with a top coat. If you look at 23+ Leatherworks on Instagram or Facebook, he shows the process he takes for this.
      If you aren’t painting the piece then you can dye the entire piece and then do a coat of antique and finish with a top coat.

  5. Hi, although I’ve been a working artist most of my life, I just got started with seriously learning leather as a medium. Your videos have been vastly helpful in understanding the range of techniques and methods, and they’ve opened up a lot of new directions. Is there a good way to reach you with a few specific questions? I have a few projects in mind that use techniques you’ve demonstrated well, but there are some gaps I’d like your advice on. Thanks for all you share. I look forward to your next post .

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