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  1. I need to know how to chose the right size snaps and or rivets? I bought a full tool set for setting them. But I don’t know what sizes to get.

    1. Robert, thanks for asking! If it’s the Setter “set” I’m thinking of you should be able to set:
      Line 24 snaps-very common size for belts, pouches, bags… use these with a 7-8 oz. or an 8-9 oz. leather
      Line 20 snaps-same thing just a size down, good for 3-4 oz. up to 6-7 oz. +/-
      Segma Snap setter-not one of my favorites but a very common snap for lighter weights
      Rivet setter-This will set most “capped” rivets. I would suggest using a “Double Cap” rivet. Available in the sizes Small-1/4”, Medium 5/15” (basically a 3/8”) and 7/16” (basically a 1/2″). The smalls will set two 4-5 oz. together, the medium will set two 6-7 oz. and the large is two 8-9 oz. plus a bit more.

      Also, watching our Cross Hatch Design video may help you.

      1. We have packs in these sizes, but I’m not aware of a kit that contains some of all the sizes. See below…

        10-Pack of Line 24 Snaps: http://www.weaverleathersupply.com/catalog/item-detail/56009/001/68

        10-Pack of Line 20 Snaps: http://www.weaverleathersupply.com/catalog/item-detail/56008/001/68

        10-Pack of Segma Snaps:

        100-Pack of Double Cap Rivets:

  2. Wondering why when using the black pro day I’ve tried dipping and also just applying a top coat of black Pro die the color after it dries sometimes is a chalky white wondering how I can get away from this and getting a nice black rich color?

    1. Joe, I have this happen regularly and always panic (as much as it’s happened I shouldn’t!), but once the top coat goes on, the whiteness or grayness will go away and the black will be rich and deep. I have had a problem with leathers that may be a bit lower on the quality level, but that is a bit rare. Add the Pro Dye, clean with a dry cloth and then add a Leather Balm and you should have a beautiful black.

  3. Hello Chuck,
    How do I use Acrylic leather paint properly? Why use it over Pro dyes? What topcoat do you use with Acrylic leather paint?

    thank you Albert Staner

    1. Hi Albert. I tend to paint over the dye and then add a top coat to the entire piece, but I would clean the leather with a dry cotton rag between dye and paint. The top coat is the more difficult part, sort of. A spray on is the best for paint because some top coats can reconstitute the paint and it may rub across the face. Saddle Lac is one of my favorite spray-ons, but, it takes a bit of a trick to make it work just right, so, I may give the acrylic ample time to dry (24 hours) and then add a Leather Balm. This will give you a consistent look over paint and dye and will make both pop! Good luck with it!

  4. I’m making wallet’s and dieing the leather black how come it’s bleading on cards in wallet and Id can you please help me with this problem

    1. Alan, I can suggest two things that should help immensely.
      The first is a Pro Dye in black. The carrier is an alcohol base, but, the dyestuff is oil based and that makes all the difference. It will wick in nicely, top grain and flesh side, and will leave almost nothing on the surface. I would clean the dyed piece, front, back and sides with a dry cotton cloth just to remove anything that’s left.
      Secondly, I would add a top coat to the inside of the wallet panels as well as the outside (Leather Balm is one of my favorites). This will seal the inside and, with the Pro Dye and a top coat, your rub-off issues should cease to exist. Good luck with it!

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