The Leather Element: Comparing Leather Top Coats

Finding the right top coat can be difficult. In this week’s episode of “The Leather Element”, Chuck shows the differences between six options by applying them to leather that has been dyed with Fiebing’s Pro Dye. We hope this helps distinguish the differences and helps you find the perfect topcoat for your projects!
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4 Replies to “The Leather Element: Comparing Leather Top Coats”

  1. Great video, I’ve need this one for a long time but you didn’t use Tan Kote which I have seen numerous saddle makers use.
    I agree with leather sheen, it sucks. Bought a quart when one of my suppliers dropped RTC Sheridan, ?????!?? I know why did they do that, my bottle of leather sheen is still almost full 2 years + later.

    I use leather balm and Tan Kote mostly now because I have to mail order for RTC.

  2. Chuck
    I have been using Weavers Leather Kote for some years now ,and have found it excellent for finishing off my saddles after dying ,however I see it is no longer available in your latest catalog ,so is there now an equivalent ,maybe bag kote?

    1. Hi Graham,
      We did discontinue the Top Coat 200 and we now have a Clear Leather Sealer that replaced it. It’s item number 50-2998 and 50-2999, we tested it and found it very comparable to the Top Coat 200. If you do try it we’d love to know what you think!

  3. Thanks, Chuck! Great comparison of top coats. Any chance of having a similar comparison of resist techniques?

    Your instructional videos are excellent! I have had opportunities in some online forums to send folks your way. I’ll also always remember and appreciate the time you took while at the Atlanta Tandy store to teach me saddle stitching.

    Thanks again,

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