The Leather Element: Creative Leather Buttons

In this week episode of The Leather Element, Chuck shows some options for creating a leather button for your projects! Chuck is working on a no hardware pouch project and needed a button so he came up with some fun ideas using punches and tools you may already have in your shop to make one out of leather. We hope this gives you some inspiration and gets the creativity flowing for your own projects! Be on the lookout for a new project video soon!

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  1. Another great video from Mr. Dorset (hope that’s spelled right 😁). I watch these every chance I get and he is the reason I have started into the world of leather working. I’m just a beginner but it is a blast. Keep up the videos sir!!!

    1. Hi Janet,
      We would recommend around a 3/4 oz. You can use veg tan, chrome tanned and even hair on hide. If you’re going to be tooling the leather we would recommend going a little bit heavier. Hope that helps!

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