9 Replies to “The Leather Element: Cutting out Designs in Leather”

  1. You know Chuck, I’ve been steady buying stuff from Tandys. They send me a flyer almost weakly. How come y’all don’t send out any flyers? Or maybe a small catalog or something. I want to give some business, show me what y’all got. I like your video’s.

  2. Great love watching you, I also get flyers from Tandy .In the near future I plan a trip down to your store.

    1. Edmund,
      We’re so glad you like the videos. Before you make the trip, I should warn you that we do not have a retail store, per se. We have a showroom at our facility in which you can browse product samples and order the stuff you want from the front desk, but it’s not a retail store in the traditional sense.

  3. Another great video, Chuck!! I’m certainly not a skilled leather crafter so your videos are educational. Even though it might not apply to my current project I save the videos in Pinterest for future reference.

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