The Leather Element: Father’s Day Leather Belt Tutorial

Just in time for Father’s Day, Chuck goes over the basics of making a leather belt using a belt blank. We’ll show you how to attach the buckle and measure and punch the size holes. We used a 3/16″ punch for the size holes on the belt, this size should accommodate the majority of buckle tongues.

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  1. Basic video showing how easy making a belt can be using a Weaver Leather belt blank. The optional embellishments add a nice touch to spruce up the plain belt. Thanks!

    1. Hi Josie,
      It’s up to personal preference. The belt blank I used in this video was pre-dyed which means the tannery dyed it during the tanning process. You can dye the back, just make sure to add a top coat and burnish it to prevent rub off.

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