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  1. What do you do when you are trying to rivet together 2 or 3 pieces 9/11 weight leather? I’ve tried using the larger Ohio Travel Bag rivets. No matter how hard I pound to set the rivets, they can almost always be pulled apart with just a twist. I used Chicago Chicago screw posts for leather swing seats. That cost is too much for smaller items that would use 20 rivets.!.

    1. Hi Bob,
      As long as the rivet is long enough you shouldn’t be able to pull them apart. For a double layer of 9/11 oz. leather you’d be around 5/16″ thickness so if the rivets have caps a 7/16″ rivet would be the right size or if the rivets have a splash back you would need a 6/16″ size. If possible could you send us some pictures and we can see what’s happening? You can send the pictures to [email protected].

  2. Love your videos!!! They’re concise and to the point. I like that each one focuses on a single topic without a lot of fluff or a huge sales pitch for something we should purchase. You do tell us what products Weaver Leather has to offer so we know exactly where to shop.

    Thanks for providing videos that are extremely helpful!!!

    1. I have a question not related to this video. I purchased a package of 3 sheets of RFID paper (from another supplier) for a Passport Cover I’m attempting to create.

      Can you tell me me how to actually include the paper into my project? Of course there are no instructions that came with the paper.


      1. Grant! Thanks for asking! The best way to go is to line the project and insert the RFID between the exterior and liner. Go edge to edge with the RFID paper so you have the best coverage and just sew like it’s a single piece of leather. With this, you’ll never see the paper and it will be protected and long-lasting.

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