The Leather Element: Leather Glue Overview

We get a lot of questions about what kind of glue to use, how to apply it, and when to use what type of glue. In this video, Chuck explains the difference between white glue and contact cement and goes over some tips and tricks to applying it! Chuck also shows an easy way to apply glue to a large project.

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  1. Thanks Chuck for another great informative video. I’ve learned so much from watching your video’s that it’s improved my quality and my speed in making projects.
    One question though.
    I typically use the larger hobby knife blade. I find it gives me a little more control on curves and tight areas.
    You always say start with a new blade. But I sharpen mine.
    I get 10 or times the use out of the blades by touching them quite often on a strop I made from a piece of 1×3 pine and a piece of leather using white jewelers rouge.
    I actually get them sharper than when they come new.
    Since most of our other cutting tools are kept sharp by stropping, why don’t you suggest that for the utility knife blades?
    It’s very easy to do, and can do several when you get 10 or 12 in a pile for sharpening.
    I simply took a piece of scrap wood and cut a slot in the edge and slide the blade in to use for handle for safety while stropping.
    And if keeps your stropping abilities top notch so when it comes to the other tools your not making mistakes.
    Just a thought.

  2. Perfect timing for this video to appear. My first pot of glue is running low and I want really thinking about getting thinner. Thanks for all of the helpful instruction!

  3. Where can I fine large stamp made to press in leather size from 4”x4” and 6”x6” looking to make fire department logo

  4. Chuck, this is Dave Briggs & we’ve met before at Hartville
    Tool & at the IFoLG show in Indianapolis a few years ago.
    Anyway, just finished watching your video on “Leather Glue
    Overview” & I noticed you may use a roller to put glue on the
    larger pieces. But you stopped there & my question is this.
    Can you reuse the roller or is it a throw away after one use.
    If not, what your procedure for cleaning it up.
    Thanks & love & save your videos.

    1. Hi David!
      It’s a good question. Yes, and no. I wrap the roller in plastic wrap or a baggie and it can be used again but only for a short time (say, on the same project) but not kept for a period of time.

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