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  1. Hai chuck morning or afternoon what ever your time is. My question what is the technique to harden leather using oven
    1) WhatIs the temperature needed?
    2) Duration how many minutes?
    3) Must the leather be wet or dry before baking it?
    Thanks chuck if you can teach me it will be great.

    1. Hello Habib,
      The oven temperature needs to be 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The process is explained in the video below but the leather does need to be wet.
      Soak your leather and let it sit for about 15 minutes to let the water wick into the leather, then form it to the shape you want it to be. Let the formed leather sit for about an hour to let some more of the water evaporate and then bake the leather for 20 minutes.
      Hardening Leather Video

  2. Hai Chuck its Habib again goodday to you .
    Chuck how does you stitch planner tube round bottom section using box stitch do you any video on this.
    Thank you in Advance

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