The Leather Element: Pattern Materials for Leather

What makes a great pattern material? This is a great question and in this week’s episode of “The Leather Element” Chuck shows how plastic pattern sheeting makes a great pattern and it’s very durable. We’ll also go over tracing film and transferring a design onto your leather, including mirror images and left and right pieces for something like armor. We can also combine the two pieces to create a crosshatch design. We hope this answers some questions and gives you some ideas for your own projects!

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  1. Thank you for the video. How would you do a pattern when you wet mold? Do you draw the design before you wet mold? Can you do a video on wet molding a design?

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Jim,
      Great question! If I’m molding a pocket to attach to something larger I’ll cut my form to the dimensions, mold the pocket and then mark once the pocket is formed and trimmed. If it’s the face of a pouch then I’ll cut my form to the dimensions, but, I’ll make the final main body cut after the pocket is formed and trimmed. If you’re just making one or the first one the overall dimensions may be a hair larger but everything fits easily and this takes all the guess work out with different weights. This one is hard to explain so see if it makes sense?

  2. How do i order from Weaver i have called to place a order the person who i talked to made it sound like i had to b a dealer so i spent 3000 dollars at tandy and 600 at Springfield enjoy watching the videos on youtube

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