The Leather Element: Shop Tricks Part 5

Chuck is back with some more shop tips and tricks! In this video, Chuck shows some tips on securing belt buckles using stitching, swapping out strap cutter blades, cleaning out a stitch groover blade, and more! We hope this information is helpful to you and makes the time in your shop easier and more productive!
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8 Replies to “The Leather Element: Shop Tricks Part 5”

  1. Thanks, the tips are great! Even tho you’ve been doing this awhile you forget small things unless you do them all the time. Great to be reminded.

  2. I was forced into retirement due to a serious injury to my back. I used to love working with wood projects. That became impossible as I have grown older, now 70 years old. I visited a local leather shop and was impressed with the work they did. In conversation they told me about your teaching videos. For 5 years now I have been learning the craft. Your videos are the one thing I can point to that have helped me learn the craft. Saying Thank you for your help through these videos would be a serious understatement Of the gratitude I feel for your help.

    1. Thank you so much, Larry – I can’t tell you how much it means to hear that. So glad you found leathercrafting and that the videos have been helpful!

  3. Thank you vey much Mr. Dorset!
    I’m a Blinded Veteran and have found a new passion in leather work and learning a new skill, listening to your videos has helped me immensely!

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