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    1. Hi Mercy,
      If you have a large piece of leather you need to cut, you can use plywood to cut on but we would recommend using a cutting board or novolene chopping block for punching and everyday cutting.

  1. thank you for all your videos , I have learned alot watching them . Hope you do them for long time to come. I have a question . I have been given over the past several tools which are very dull , they are great tools and were probally expensive when first bought . Some are what I believe are creasers and the others are bevelers . the bevelers need sharpening very badly and the creaser I am not sure how to use them . Thank you sincerely deb bushee

    1. Hi Deb,
      Thank you so much, we’re so glad the videos have been helpful and we appreciate you watching!
      To sharpen the edger, you can use a strop board or simply rub some jewelers rouge or sharpening compound on a string or piece of thread and pull your edger across the string backward. We have a video that shows this process as well as the strop board. we’ll link it below for you!
      As far as the creasers go, they shouldn’t need sharpening. They are used to create a decorative crease line around the edge of your leather – so it’s just marking instead of cutting through the leather. We don’t have a video on the creaser but you should be able to find some online!
      Sharpening video: https://youtu.be/phAeANzrP2w

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