The Leather Element: Simple Ways to Add a Welt

Adding a welt to a knife sheath or an ax sheath can be difficult, especially when there are tight corners or tapers. In this video, Chuck shows several ways to form the welts, including wet forming and cutting darts into the leather. We hope this is helpful information and that welts become an easy step in your sheath and holster projects!

3 Replies to “The Leather Element: Simple Ways to Add a Welt”

  1. Chuck
    When I do welts. i use a strip of 1-2oz cut it twice as wide as other arts. i get it wet fold it in half and clamp it until it’s almost dry. i usually pound the fold with a hammer. when you’re ready glue it together. it will pickup a twist but that’s not a problem. then place it as you did in the LE. it gives you a real cool edge that is not just the edge of the leather.

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