The Leather Element: Spanish Basket Weave

In this weeks episode of “The Leather Element”, Chuck demonstrates a Spanish basketweave braid. This braid can be used to lace the edge of a project or added as a decorative touch to any leather product. In this video, Chuck used a 1/8″ wide deerskin lace but you can use any width lace you would like for a smaller or larger braid.
Lacing Needles
Hole Punch

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  1. Chuck,

    Thanks, I learned something new today!!! GREAT Video too. Does Weaver have any drawings, showing the Spanish Stitching? I suppose I could stop the video, copy the start, crosses on one side and mirror the other to complete and tie off…

    But that’s real work, so I will most likely relook at this. Again, thanks for teaching me something new. At 64 I’m not too old to learn, just takes a little longer! (-;


    1. Hi Kit, we don’t have any drawings right now but thank you for your suggestion – we will take a look at this and see if it’s something we could do!

      1. Would love to get written instructions with drawings. Hope this is something that can be done. Thanks

  2. I REALLY enjoy your videos. Let me give you just one word of advise….

    Chaps are what one British guy calls another

    Cowboys pronounce Chaps as Shaps. Saying chaps is like running your fingernails on a chalkboard to a cowboy. The sh is like the sh in SHoot with an aps on the end. Sh aps. Shaps. Nothing says dude or gunsel like someone who pronounces chaps wrong. If you’re going to look for authenticity in the leather world in the west, this will go a long way.

    Other than that….thank you for sharing your info!

  3. Hey Chuck,
    I Just love your videos. This one is awesome. I have seen a few video’s on this technique. But by far your’s is the best. It is easy to understand and you make it look simple and easy. I can’t wait to try it on my belt as an insert with a couple of silver half dollar spots. Thanks again for all you do, looking fwd to your next video’s.

  4. Hi! Thanks for a great instructional video. I love to braid and can’t wait to try this, however, Im wondering what size holes are punched and how exactly this is measured. is it 3/8″ on center or from. edge of hole.to edge of hole? Also, can you do a video demonstrating marking and punching these holes – how to center 3/8″ space on a leather strap? Thanx

    1. Hi Barb,
      We did a live Facebook class making a bracelet using this technique, we’ll link the video here if you’d like to see if that helps explain this better. Facebook Live

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