The Leather Element: Taking a Closer Look at Leather Armor

In this week’s episode of The Leather Element, Chuck gives us a first look at his new suit of armor he made for Dragon Con! Chuck explains what weight leather he uses and how some of the pieces come together. He also shows us a closer look at the armor in his shop that you see in all of his videos.

4 Replies to “The Leather Element: Taking a Closer Look at Leather Armor”

  1. Chuck, Have you got patterns with the name of the pieces to the armor for sale? That looks just like a great time spent thing to do to avoid honey does on the weekend.

    1. Hi Dennis,
      We don’t have patterns at the moment, armor patterns are difficult because they have to be made specifically to each person’s shape and size but maybe we could do some kind of guide that shows the names of each piece and where they belong on the armor. We’ll have to discuss this!

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