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  1. I’m making a belt and wondering if after carving and stamping and beveling the edge should I apply gum trag to the edge and slick before I antique the belt or after? Should one apply an edge coat dye before slicking the edge?

    1. Hi Greg,
      We would recommend applying your antique before slicking the edge. As far as the edge coat – it depends if it’s just regular dye or if it’s the thicker, paint-like edge coat. If the edge coat is thicker we would recommend slicking the edges first and then applying the edge dye because this doesn’t slick very well. If it’s thinner, you can apply the edge dye and then your gum tragacanth and slick. Hope that helps!

  2. What type of finish do you use on Pro Dye. My articles are exposed to outdoor weather. The dye seems to lose its color. I have used Resolene, also have used a wax protection.

    1. Hi Helen,
      Chuck uses mostly Fiebing’s Saddle Lac for a lot of his projects but if you’re looking for a more weatherproof topcoat, we just did some testing, and beeswax works really well for this. Just apply it to the entire surface of the product as you would any topcoat. Hope that helps!

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