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  1. I really enjoy watching the leather element with Chuck. He is informative and I like how he is always excited about his explanation about his projects. I have been working with leather for many years but I always learn something new when I watch leather element . I have made handles before and agree that the use of a piece of nylon cord inside the handle works the best. Now for the new idea . Chuck showed different ideas for the handle ends. I will adopt one of his ideas in my next handle.

  2. Chuck, I would like to make a couple of handles for the tote I’m making for my wife. But I don’t want the edges to outbound when stitching.
    How would you stitch this so the you have a completely round handle with the edge of the leather not showing?
    There must be a way to do this as I’ve seen handles like this in the store. I think that exposed edges in this case is a minus and would like to learn how to hide the edges when stitching.
    Can you do a video on that?
    Or if you have, Point it out to me…Kindly, Please?
    Thank You Kindly

    1. Hi there,
      Would you be able to email us an example picture? We’re not exactly sure we’ve seen this before with leather but maybe with a picture that would help. Email: [email protected]

    1. Hi Daryl,
      Are you wanting to put the handle on the side of a bag instead of the top? If so, yes, you would just need to curve the handle when you go to attach it.

  3. How did your handle curve? I followed along and my handle didn’t curve. Still turned out ok, just have to make some adjustments

    1. Hi Laura,
      The handle will naturally curve a little bit when it’s being stitched, but, if not, you can shape it afterward. You can also create some curve and shape in the way you attach the handle to the project. Here is another video showing a trunk style handle for a two-handle bag: https://youtu.be/InQpTrTBc2Q

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