The Leather Element: Which Leather Should I Use For My Project?

One of our most asked questions from people just getting started in leathercraft is “what leather should I buy or use for a specific project”? There are a lot of ways to go to answer this question, so we took seven basic projects and Chuck breaks down the leather to two options that will work nicely for each project. We hope this helps answer some of your questions and makes it easier to pick the perfect leather for your project.

Leather shown in this video:
Belts: Natural veg tan double shoulder
Natural veg-tan belt blank
Water Buffalo Single Bend
Water Buffalo Belt Blank

Chrome Tanned Pull-Up Leather
Crazy Horse Water Buffalo Side

Arm Guards:
Single Shoulder

Veg Tan Single Shoulder 4/5 oz. or 8/9 oz.
Holster Leather

Veg tan 2/3 oz. and 3/4 oz.
Chrome Tan

Purses and Bags:
Lexi Top Grain
Pines Milled

Boot Straps:
Telfair Pebble Grain
Santa Rosa Pull-Up

4 Replies to “The Leather Element: Which Leather Should I Use For My Project?”

  1. Hi Chuck,
    I love the leather element! Any chance you could do one about painting with Angelus leather paints. I’m always scared to put paint on something that took hours to tool….but I do like the look of a little color.
    Also, will you be teaching at Sheridan this year?
    Barb Otto

    1. Hi Barb,
      Chuck will be doing a filigree cut pouch class at Sheridan!
      We will definitely mention it to him about doing a video on the Angelus paint for you.

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