4 Replies to “The Leather Element: Which Maul or Mallet Should I Start Out With?”

  1. It always puzzled me why the decidedly not flat striking surface of the maul was so popular for leatherwork. I can think of no other craft or trade which embraces such an awkward tool. If you love it, by all means have at it! But a flat striking surface will always be more forgiving than a curved one when it comes to striking a tool be it for leather, wood, or metal.

    1. It’s definitely a personal preference, but, mauls are especially nice for tooling because you can grip the head of the maul while you’re running a bevel or other stamping tools and gives you better control.

  2. Good presentation. I have a question, my rawhide mallet is rather old and starting to flake on the striking face. Is there a way to stop this flaking other than cutting off the face?

    1. Hi Gary,
      We’re not aware of a way to stop the flaking – rawhide will eventually need to be replaced like most mallet materials. You could try to sand the surface and remove the rough spots.

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