Where We’ve Been. Where We Are. Where We Are Going.

No matter where we started and where we are today, it has always been our goal to exceed your expectations. It’s what we do every day and we pride ourselves on this 45-year tradition of serving. The foundation of exceeding your expectations is a commitment to serve not only our customers but also the industries we participate in, our employee and the community. Our dedication to these priorities has helped us grow, sustain our business and continue developing cutting-edge, high-quality products for the future.

OUR PRODUCTS                                                                                    

You trust us to bring you quality, reliable products. We take great pride in our impeccable craftsmanship and use only the finest materials to bring you quality, reliable products at reasonable prices. And we back you with the best customer service you’ll find.


By being in tune with the industries we serve and making it a priority to serve the arenas in which we work, we will continue to be able to provide you with not only the products you need but all of the educational information that is needed to be successful.


Empowering our employees is important to us at Weaver Leather. We invest in resources like our leadership program, family resource center, and character building program to give them the tools they need to bring you your best customer experience.

5 Replies to “Where We’ve Been. Where We Are. Where We Are Going.”

  1. I love your company and what it stands for. I wish all Company’s treated there employees as well as you do to bring the best customer service to your customers. I haven’t bought to much from you yet but I will in the future when I can start pursuing Saddle Making. I will purchase more from you as I am able to until that time but my business is way slow and I am just recovering from foot surgery and going back to work at job 1 next week.

    1. Thank you so much, Craig! We appreciate the support and we look forward to serving you! Hope you have a quick recovery from surgery!

  2. I appreciate your story and value the commitment to customers that are part of your business culture. I was interested in the part where you said, “Where are we going”. Are you moving? Taking on additional avenues of the leather business? Offering a different range of products for sale? Ok, where are you going?

  3. Weaver, I enjoy your on line culture, especially the part demonstrating commitment to employee growth and independence.

    I am intrigued by the part of your post title, ‘Where we are going’. I didn’t see this addressed in your text. Are you moving? Are you adding product to your leather craft offerings? Are you embracing a sideline business that complements your product line?

    Anxious to hear about any new directions you might be taking.

    1. Hi Michael,
      In the first paragraph, we say “our dedication to these priorities has helped us grow, sustain our business and continue developing cutting-edge, high-quality products for the future”.
      What we meant by this is we will continue to develop and add new products to our all of our divisions and continue striving to serve our customers and do our best to exceed their expectations (this is the where we are going part). For our Leathercraft division, our goal is to provide education and tips for new and experienced leathercrafter’s and provide quality products to meet the needs of all leathercrafters. Within the past year, we have added project tutorials and tools and tips videos to our YouTube channel and we are currently working on some exciting new videos that will be launching soon. We are also launching new products on a monthly basis so make sure you check out our What’s New category on our website.
      There are no plans to move, our manufacturing and warehouse facilities are still located in Mt Hope, Ohio 🙂

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