6 Replies to “The Leather Element: Using a Drill Press For Leathercrafting”

  1. Excellent ideas for making leather work easier and more professional looking. The videos are always concise and to the point while being very encouraging.

  2. Great job Chuck , u teach me something new every day , enjoy it , check it out before I jump into doing the project , get great ideas , still new at leather work .

  3. Great videos! Have a suggestion. After watching one video, Chuck laughingly quips about a use for the little punch knockouts made by processing belts, straps, patterns and the like. Well, there are times I’ll mis calculate and punch a hole that may be offset or just not look right in general. In that circumstance, I’ll use the knock out as a patch, gluing back into the goofed up hole, filling as needed, then lightly sanding it. Looks good as new. Only a pro eye can pick up the error. Even then, it takes some effort to find it,

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