The Leather Element: Casing Leather

In this video, Chuck shows the differences in properly casing leather vs. wetting leather for tooling. We reached out to some experts to see what their processes look like. Casing leather takes a bit more time but, you’ll notice a difference in your carving and stamping. Casing the leather will give your stamp impressions a nice burnish as well. Plastic Pattern Sheet
Stamping tools

5 Replies to “The Leather Element: Casing Leather”

  1. I noticed on the cased leather you used the swivel knife in the same line twice. I always thought that when using a swivel knife that it was not a good practice to go over a cut. You may have done it on the wetted leather but I didn’t notice it. Can you advise on that?

  2. Casing will demand a whole new world for planning in several different area’s. Or you could end up wasting a whole lot of time waiting.
    I don’t think casing is necessary for everything project, but it sure will improve on things like a fully tooled hand bag.
    Thanks Chuck for more valuable information!
    Happy New Year!

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