7 Replies to “The Leather Element: Storing Your Patterns and Templates”

  1. I think this is so important. I, also, use the baggie storing method. I save any large baggies that I get from when I order supplies and such. I do need to go thru and organize them into types of patterns though. Great Video! Thank you!

  2. I use sheet protectors for the paper sized patterns. Bigger patterns are stored in hanging file folders in a plastic bin. I can find designs and patterns quickly and the bins just take up one shelf with binders in between.

  3. I also use baggies for when I have a project so all the prices I need and that I cut out are stored in that one bag. If I am painting a project the color pattern goes with it. Since I also do woodwork I made my husband a large cupboard with swinging dividers inside so the large patterns can be hung on either side of the dividers for easy access. Like patterns are hung with each other.

    1. Wow, you really took it to the next level. I bet that is super efficient. And I agree, that cupboard sounds so cool!

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